Safety Aspects of Motorcycle Boots: Value for Your Money

Efforts are made to avert road accidents. It is a fact that in most road accidents, the victims are typically two-wheel or motorcycle riders. They usually suffer a fall. Apart from head injuries, there are risks of injuries on other parts of the body. Feet and ankle fractures are the common types of injuries that result due to falls in motorcycle accidents.

motorcycle boots

Why wear motorcycle boots

In fact, not much consideration is paid by the riders to protect their feet despite a major role of feet in riding a motorcycle. The vehicle laws have not made much emphasis on the protection of other parts of the body, except the head. There are no laws for certification of motorcycle footwear, except in Europe. The European standard (EN13634:2017) is titled “Protective footwear for motorcycle riders – Requirements and test methods” which elaborates strength and design requirements for the protection of ankle and feet. Motorcycle safety is an important issue and this must be given due consideration in every country. Even in the absence of laws or standards, it is in the interest of motorcycle riders to ensure their own safety and take protective measures for this purpose.

motorcycle boots

Safety aspects of motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots are an important aspect of motorcycle riding safety. They have an external like a typical but the material is usually thick and heavy and low heel to control the motorcycle. It is apparent that these boots are padded and have shock-absorbing capability. The waterproofing is an additional feature in these boots to ensure further safety in wet weather. These boots are, therefore, designed specifically to consider every aspect of safety, else their purpose would be forfeited. This is the reason why motorcycle riders should wear them but before buying them, they should look for the necessary features that can offer absolute safety and full value of the investment made on their buying.

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